My Own Beer

Your Home Brewing Guide

Beer is a popular alcoholic beverage produced by the fermentation of starchy grains. The production of beer is referred to as brewing.

There are many types of beers. The two main categories are lagers (bock, pilsner, dry) and ales (pale ale, India pale ale, porter, stout, export). Beers are brewed, sold and consumed all around the world but are quite popular in North America, throughout Europe, and certain parts of Asia (China, India, Japan). The hottest beers these days are not what the big commercial beer companies have to offer. Instead, interest in and demand for specialty craft beers usually brewed at small brewpubs and microbreweries, continue to grow in North America.

Homebrewing refers to beer brewed in small batches by private citizens. Homebrewed beers can be made with readily available beer concentrates or by boiling water, malt extract and hops together in a large kettle, then cooling the mixture, called wort, and adding yeast for fermentation. This is followed by carbonation and then finally the bottling of beer.